POPS in GREEN is a small-batch jewellery and gift brand. It was born and started in Melbourne.

I do believe Jewellery have the power to heal and connect. Sometimes women just feel we are not good enough or unappealing in other ways. Jewellery have the power to make us feel pretty again. A little something to give us confidence lift.


A gift given also reminds us of the giver. When we have a special gift given to us by someone we love, every time we saw it, we think of that person, we are reminded of the moment we received the piece, what we said, how we felt.

A small thoughtful gift can be priceless. Gifts make us happy because they allow us to connect with someone we care about.

Each of the pieces from here is designed, detailed, and slow-made by my hand from start to finish. 

I love that no piece is ever the same as the last.



Hey Lovely, 
I am Charlene, a Taiwan-born, Melbourne-based artist behind POPS in GREEN. 
Usually spend time playing with polymer clay, making flowers, looking after my indoor plants. Enjoy all the beauty in life. Green is my favourite colour.
So grateful and thankful to all of you for supporting my brand. I started POPS in GREEN after years of being a graphic designer, it was an exciting time to finally start my own small business and do all the sorts of creative things I have been wanting to do forever! 
It’s been a rewarding time to have people love, appreciate, and buy my work is amazing! I would like to create my designs for the rest of the world.