• Store your jewellery in a place away from the direct sunlight and humidity. 

  • Avoid your jewellery being broken or lost, store it in a dry cool spot or box.


  • Do not wear your jewellery into a shower or pool.

  • Do not knock your jewellery against hard surfaces. Thin details may break.

  • Do not spray perfumes on your jewellery and keep away from harsh chemicals to preserve the colours!

  • Never use nail varnish to restore shine, it may make the jewellery sticky.


  • Avoid placing your jewellery in pockets, purses with coins, keys or anything may scratch your jewellery.

  • Use soft and damp cloth gently wipe on polymer clay to remove the dust.

  • Avoid wearing your jewellery with dark unwashed clothing, as it may stain the beads. Using a damp cloth to wipe in-between wears, if you find marks that don't come off, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and gently wipe to remove it. However, do not do this on beads or earrings which have glitter or glaze. Alcohol will affect the varnish.

  • When removing earrings, hold the post with your fingers before gently pulling the ear nut out. This will lessen the pressure on the glue holding onto the post and avoid it falling off.